2,700hp Nissan GT-R thrashes a dyno

So apparently, 570bhp wasn't enough for Extreme turbo systems. Since its release way back in 2017, tuners have been modifying GT-Rs in a bid to produce enough power to power a small city.

Vancouvers based Extreme Turbo Systems are one of the best known and most successful GT-R tuners in the world. They've frankenstiened a GT-R and shown it to a dyno. Watch the video as said frankenstein maxes out the dyno with an estimated 2,719 hosepower and 1,587 lb-ft of torque

the rolling road in question can only read up to 2,500 horsepower, past that the chart just flatlines which indicated that the car was producing far more. Using the a forumla based on the cars torque output, the final output was calculated at a measly 2,719 horsepower.

The video itself is rather entertaining to watch. The driver quickly pulls up a few gears, before going deep into the accelerator. The nose lifts and tires start to flex. Think top fuel dragster. It's difficult to hear the exhaust note over the high-pitched turbo whine, but several seconds in, the car coughs, spitting out a few flames and rattling the surrounding tool boxes and cables, possibly breaking the television. At least ETS unplugged or removed the car's airbags.

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