342 Mile range electric Nissan by 2020

In the past couple of years, electric vehicle technology has improved massively. With the likes of Nissan, Tesla and fisker all rushing to eliminated the concept of 'range anxiety'. The term defines the fear of running out of electric range while on the road, thus being left stranded.

There are two ways to combat range anxiety: improve charging infrastructure and improve battery technology to deliver enough range to accomplish any daily driving tasks.

The first method takes the combined effort of governmental and private organizations to, in effect, put a charger on every block.

The second method comes down to R&D from each car makes to upgrade battery technology without making it too expensive for the consumer. Hence why you can already buy a 300 mile Tesla Model S, but it will set you back over £70,000 and most of us operate on a far tighter budget.

The next generation Leaf will recieve a bump up in range from around 107 miles to 150 miles per charge, but Nissan is thinking beyond the Leaf. It's reported that Nissan are working on an all-new EV model with a range of 342 miles per charge. The vehicle being based on the IDS concept from 2015 and will be priced within reach for most EV buyers. the new model is expected to be in showrooms by 2020.

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