Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior SUV - Part car, part tank

If you need a car that can carve through both snow and sand, this is your vehicle.

For the average motorist, this is pretty much as close to driving a tank as you can get. Nissan has donned their camouflage gear and channelled their inner warrior with their latest concept vehicle – the Nissan Rouge Trail Warrior. The car was revealed at the New York International Auto Show this week.

Essentially, it uses the shell of a Nissan X-Trail fitted with heavy-duty tracks in favour of wheels, and a host of military-style features.

The tracks, similar to those used on tanks and armoured all-terrain military vehicles, are a more permanent version of the common DOMINATOR tracks, which can be fitted to most 4×4 vehicles for use in snow, mud and low-gripping surfaces. Fitted tracks instead of wheels mean the Nissan can tackle a range of surfaces.

In keeping with its “warrior” branding, the SUV has been given a camouflage exterior wrap,  yellow “military-style” headlamps, a gear basket and a winch to rescue vehicles in distress and, of course, save the day.


The suspension and wheel arches have been modified to accommodate the tracks, but according to Nissan, the engine, transmission and all-wheel-drive system are all standard to the X-Trail.

Marketed towards snow or sand-based activities, the tracks make this Nissan’s most adaptable car – and likely the best vehicle to have at your disposal if a zombie apocalypse was to hit.

 “This new Rogue Trail Warrior adds a new dimension to family adventures with its snow/sand tracks, gear basket, winch and camo paint,” Nissan’s Michael Bunce said.

“If you want to stand out from the crowd during a day on the slopes or the beach, this is the vehicle to take.”

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