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GAP insurance

Combination GAP (RTI) Cover
3 years from £395

What if your vehicle was one of the thousands of vehicles written off or stolen in the UK every year? Would your insurance pay out enough for your to replace it with a similar car to the one you purchased?

Our Combination GAP (RTI) Cover is a vehicle protection plan that is designed to pay out the difference between the total loss insurance settlement and the price you paid for the vehicle. It is not a replacement for your motor insurance, but a valuable supplement that protects you against serious financial loss if your car is stolen or written off.

How Combination GAP (RTI) Cover works

Cash purchases (Return to Invoice Insurance)
If you were to buy your new Nissan out right for £26,500 and your insurance payout was only £14,000, our cover will pay the £12,500 to bring you back to the original £26,500 and get you back into a similar car.

Finance purchases (GAP Insurance)
If you were to finance a new Nissan for £26,500 and your insurance payout is only £14,000 and you still owed £17,500 on the car, the GAP insurance will payout up to the £3,500 difference.

What are the benefits?

  • Incorporates Return to Invoice Cover (RTI) and Guaranteed Asset Protection (or GAP).
  • RTI Cover could reimburse any difference between the road risk insurance settlement and original vehicle price.
  • GAP is suited to those taking out a finance agreement and may pay the difference between the road risk insurance settlement and the amount your customer still owes.
  • Combined GAP and RTI insurance could pay out the greater of either the RTI or GAP pay-out, protecting your whatever the circumstance.
  • Meets the ABI code of practice.
  • Transferable.
  • Cancellable.